BC NDP Take Further Step in Right Direction for Franchisees 2

It appears again that the BC NDP are the only ones who have been listening to the broken families crying out for the need for franchise legislation in BC.

BC is one of the very last remaining provinces in Canada which has failed to create laws that protect a gigantic number of people from the oftentimes wicked abuse of power by Franchisors.

Last week, an invitation from Adrian Dix of the BC NDP party was extended to myself and other Franchisees to come to the BC Legislative building in Victoria where he and Carol James would be putting forward the motion to put this bill into effect.


Adrian Dix, Farah Golestaneh, Wayne Taylor, John Horgan

Before the leaders sat, there was a small press release where we had the opportunity to share some of the serious damages that have been done in the current and highly unregulated part of the business community.  Some of these stories included:

  • being outright lied to by Franchisor
  • a financially destitute Franchisee forced by a BC franchise to fly to Ontario to fight his battle
  • a franchisee being ‘encouraged’ by his own lawyer to go to arbitration instead of court and, after handing over all his money to his lawyer, losing the battle and being ‘strongly encouraged’ to sign a gag order to never speak about it again
  • the way that immigrants are targeted by Franchisors
  • the simple fact that Franchisors are in an unfair power position leaving the Franchisee with nothing left to do but curl up and die

None of these stories were fun to discuss, but the truth must get out.

As I mentioned to the press, although I’m shocked and embarrassed that this mafia-like behaviour is even happening in our great country, I am more shocked that the current government has sat there silent on the issue.

How many more Franchisees need be crushed under their oppressors before you wake up and take action on their behalf?

On behalf of all current and future Franchisees in BC, I adjure you, BC Liberal government to stand up and do the right thing and do it *now*.

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2 thoughts on “BC NDP Take Further Step in Right Direction for Franchisees

  • Richard Whiting

    I am currently a Blenz franchisee in Victoria. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for bringing these issues to the public.

  • Paul

    Great job everyone! Effective franchise legislation in BC is a long overdue and it’s because of people like you that change occurs. Hopefully we will see legislation in place by year end to finally level the playing field against predatory franchisor practices.